Community Priorities

  • Work with LEARN to get community input on the new library
  • Get more residents involved in the governance of our local public parks
  • Promote a neighborhood economic growth plan and encourage small businesses
  • Work cooperatively with other West Ridge organizations for the common good
  • Senior Village
  • “No Hate” campaign

WRCO Development Priorities

  • Obtain new individual and family members
  • Obtain new business members as sponsors
  • Fill out our board of director positions
  • Expand membership on our committess
  • Expand the capabilities of our website

Select Past Programs

  • Community forums on relevant community issues

Community Forum:  "Chicago Is Not Broke" Book Forum on April 27, 2017 at the Northtown Chicago Public Library. The mayor and the City Council say “Yes” the city is broke but Tom Tresser and the contributors to this short book say “No” and explain how we are not getting the city we all deserve. Tom Tresser presented the information and led a discussion. The book can be purchased for $12.00 plus shipping at

Community Forum on Education: “Really! Where Is the Money for C.P.S.?” February 11, 2016 Devon Bank Community Room

Community Forum on Pet Health and Safety Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Devon Bank, 6445 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, Lower Level Community Room

Community Forum on Chicago Property Tax Proposals October 19, 2015 What are some viable alternative revenue sources to meet the city's financial needs besides raising property taxes? Candelite Chicago 7452 North Western Avenue

Community Forum "What's Your Public Education IQ?" October 16, 2013 Devon Bank Community Room 6445 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60645

  • Youth sports leagues
  • Community interest and improvement surveys

2013 WRPCO Community Concerns Survey

  • Petition drives for relevant community issues
  • Provide information on resources and organizations in our neighborhood
  • Fundraisers to support our community work

FUNdraiser and Community Forum Monday, October 19th, 2015 Candelite Chicago 7452 North Western Avenue